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MSCPVA services our membership by providing a variety of programs that fulfill our organizational mission. Specifically, MSCPVA is mandated by charter to discharge:


MSCPVA maintains an administrative office in Colorado, with field representatives in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming to service the needs and interests of our membership.


The MSCPVA advocates for our members and the disabled community by remaining tuned in to local and national disability issues. We remain actively vigilant in assisting and representing our members regarding anything affecting their civil rights when disability issues arise. The MSCPVA maintains a vocal and visible presence on disability-related issues in the community as well as on the state and federal levels, promoting fair opportunity and equal access.


MSCPVA maintains active communication with our membership and the disabled community through a variety of resources. MSCPVA hosts an active website and social media pages with service links to a variety of disability resources. We also produce a periodic newsletter, hold meetings of the general membership, and work with local disability organizations to ensure national and local information regarding disabled issues are provided to our membership.


MSCPVA fundraises for various sponsored programs. We accomplish this via our website, specific grant applications, and from private donations through things like Giving Tuesday and Colorado Gives. Money raised goes directly to support our programs, our members, and sustain the ongoing needs of the organization.

National Liaison and National Service Officers

The MSCPVA serves to coordinate and communicate with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), VA Medical Center (VAMC), and other Veteran’s health services that directly affect our membership. MSCPVA has full-time National Service Officers (NSO) to interact with our members to ensure they receive benefits to which they are entitled.


The MSCPVA maintains an active membership base throughout our region. We provide membership opportunities to qualified Veterans (full members) and those interested in our programs (associate members). We actively pursue new members, volunteers, and supporters.

Sports and Recreation

The MSCPVA maintains an active sports and recreation program for our members and those in our region who are disabled. This program provides tangible health benefits, support, opportunity, and camaraderie for all involved. The MSCPVA provides grants for our members to participate in a variety of recreational programs.