Member Grants

MSCPVA members may receive a total of $1,000.00 per fiscal year, which resets on July 1 of every year. This can be all at once or spread out throughout the year. Grants may be used for recreation, sporting events, and many other activities. Use our secure Contact Form for more information.

To apply, simply fill out the below form. You may also print out and mail this Grant Application to the MSCPVA office.

Please provide the name of the individual or organization requesting funds.
Please make sure your email address is correct. We will NEVER sell your information!
What event did you attend? (i.e. “Winter Sports Clinic” or “Dinner with my wife.”)
If just you, enter “1.”
Please write a brief description of the event for which this grant is being requested, including what the event was for and its location. Please also be sure to let us know if you had fun!