Additional Resources

Additional Resources

An MSCPVA member with his service animal

Service Animals

Service animals are an absolutely vital resource to our Paralyzed Veterans. Victory Service Dogs (VSD) provides service dogs and companion dogs for military veterans in Colorado Springs and the Denver area. They stand apart from many other service dog organizations because the client and dog train together for the specific needs of that individual. Please contact our VSD liaison or use our secure contact form for more information.

Software Engineering

Research shows that people with disabilities are considerably underrepresented in computer science and programming jobs despite there being many recent advancements in assistive technologies. To help change this, our partners at ContainIQ created a guide that goes over resources for those with disabilities who are interested in software engineering careers. The guide goes over specific resources that can help those with disabilities find jobs in computer science fields such as disability-specific job boards, scholarships, events, and more. We hope that this guide can encourage and help our MSCPVA members take advantage of the available resources to start their careers. All of the educational resources on their website are completely free to use. If you have any questions about this resource or anything else, please reach out to our ContainIQ liaison or use our secure contact form.