Durable Medical Equipment

Occasionally, contributors wish to donate used Durable Medical Equipment or other like hard goods to MSCPVA. In the past, we have been questioned by our auditor as to where non-monetary donations have gone; and, to the benefit of whom. Often we have been unable to accurately account for these donations. Thus, it was recommended that MSCPVA establish a standing internal policy regarding the receipt and handling of non-monetary donations.

Chapter Equipment / DME – Donation Policy

MSCPVA shall accept donations of a non-monetary value insofar as MSCPVA determines the donation of value for direct member use or convertible for sale to chapter benefit. MSCPVA shall reserve the right not to accept any donation of non-monetary value at any time. This determination shall remain the providence of the Executive Director or senior staff person in which whose responsibility it is to dispose of such item(s).

Assumption of Property

MSCPVA shall notify the donor, prior to donation, that MSCPVA will utilize the donation for the best interests of MSCPVA. All donors of equipment / DME shall be verbally notified in advance that the donated item(s) may be sold. This may include the utilization of an auction house, EBay, or other third party facilitator with the proceeds of such sale returned to financially serve the programs and members of MSCPVA. If such actions are undesirable to the donor, MSCPVA shall not accept the donation.

Once MSCPVA takes ownership of the donated item(s) the donor shall be provided a donation letter thanking them for their contribution. MSCPVA will provide all donors of non-monetary gifts a copy of IRS Form 8283 with Part IV completed by MSCPVA as required by law. Should the donated item(s) be sold, the donor shall also receive a year-end letter articulating the description of the gift, the amount that the item(s) sold for, including MSCPVA’s IRS 501C3 charitable identification number for tax reporting. Further, should MSCPVA sell any donated item, MSCPVA will complete and file IRS Form 8282 – ‘Donee Information Return’, with the IRS and give the donor a copy of that form. See attached forms.

MSCPVA shall not appraise donated merchandise. Such must be valued by the donor or their accounting professional when seeking to deduct donated DME equipment from personal taxes. MSCPVA shall instruct donors to follow IRS Publication 561 when determining the fair market value of donated products. Notably, used Durable Medical Equipment is not covered under IRS Publication 561.

This shall be standard MSCPVA policy upon approval of the MSCPVA BOD. This policy can be rescinded or changed at any time with approval of the MSCPVA Board of Directors.

Durable Medical Equipment Available for Purchase